True Teamwork

05 True Teamwork

"Tap into the
full power
of our entire team"

When you list your home with UP, every member of our team works with a shared sense of responsibility to ensure your home achieves its full selling potential. The way we work is based on the belief that every member of our team is equal, including level commission, so everyone’s on an equal footing. Our commission system and team environment is unique to the industry.

Your home heads the agenda of our next sales meeting, the essence of your story is carefully explained and together we visit your home. From that moment on, everyone is focused on helping you to achieve the optimal sales price your home deserves.

When you choose us, you tap into the full selling power of our entire family — team UP.

What does this mean for you?

  • Your home is always discussed at every sales meeting
  • Our whole team is working for you
  • Everyone understands the true essence of your home

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