Redefining Real Estate

Grant Lynch

After 25 years and now over $10 billion in sales our simple founding premise is unchanged -­ to provide outstanding service, marketing and sales support to a limited number of homeowners. Having previously been part of large real estate operations, we are acutely aware that bigger is not better for the homeowner.

Our goal was and is to create an experience for the homeowner that is as intimate as home ownership itself. Every house is different; every homeowner¹s situation is different, each solution is tailored.

You can expect your home to be portrayed with excellence and your situation to be handled with care and discretion. Each time a homeowner commits to us, we commit to create a marketing look and feel in images and words ­ from the ground up so to speak ­ that is uniquely your home.

Because your security is sacrosanct, your licensee will be the only person with direct access to your home. All communication will come from them in a consistent and caring fashion.

As owners, we have committed to making great sales for a specific number of clients rather than a great number of sales at any price for anyone. We have made the decision to build a great company not a big company. Consequently, for us, market share holds no value, neither should it for you.

Presumably like us, your main concern is how do I get the best possible price for my home?

We look forward to congratulating you over a great sale.

Barry & Grant


Grant Lynch

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