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Graeme Miller

For those with an interest in sport, Graeme Miller's name will ring a bell, Graeme has represented NZ in cycling at 4 Olympic Games, 5 Commonwealth Games, and was Team Captain and Flag Bearer in the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Apart from his stint as a professional cyclist, he has had 10 years in the building industry, both occupations providing the ideal background for a career in Real Estate.

Graeme is a hard working professional committed to providing the best possible service to both buyers and sellers. This has resulted in a fast growing reputation from the referral of satisfied customers. These days you could find Graeme with a fishing rod in his hand on his days off.

"I've really enjoyed being part of the UP team. It's so good to work with a group of people who believe in what they're doing and working towards the same goal. The culture we have created and enjoy here is excellent - it's a winning culture."

Below is a collection of some of the properties I have previously sold:

18B Upland Rd

6 Wallingford St

5A Hunterville Court

14 Ara St


35 Maungakiekie Ave

3)128 Paritai Drive

12 Omahu Road

663A Remuera Road

26C Bracken Ave

19 Dromorne Rd

10 Peary Rd

135 Long Drive

104 Long Drive

4A Walton St

2-7 Crescent Rd

19 Seascape Rd

2-8 Marua Rd


253 St Heliers Bay Rd

2d 707 Remuera Rd

3-174b Upland Rd

3)28 Combes Road

236 Remuera Rd

3-23 Waiatarua Rd

16 Armadale Rd

9 Entrican Ave

39 Entrican Ave

5 Appleyard Cres

152 Selwyn Rd

80B Market Rd

Lot 2, 192 Orakei Rd

14 Lingarth St

6 New bond St

10A Wynsfield Gardens


78 Shelly Beach Rd

54 Grampian Rd

678 Remuera Rd

5-225 Jervois Rd

91A Portland Rd

2B Crescent Rd

Apt 1D-9 St Georges Bay

9 McArthur Ave

35-852 Mt Eden Rd

3 Ngapuhi Rd

17A Mahoe Ave

25-852 Mt Eden Rd

9B Pukeora Ave

12-852 Mt Eden Rd

13-852 Mt Eden Rd

1-18 Takitimu St

5 Avice St

61 Middleton Rd

60 Meadowbank Road

14 Ara St

235 St Heliers Bay Rd

6 Minto Rd

3-681A Remuera Rd

1-681A Remuera Rd

10 Peary Rd

19 Kenny Rd

28 Ngake St

2/681 Remuera Rd

40 Dell Ave

60 Bell Rd


9 Appleyard Cres

39 Margot St

4A Tuhaere St

28 Allum St

23A Rautara St

8 Ranui Rd

25A Sudeley St

34 Glendowie Rd

43 Ohinerau St

2B 705 Remuera Rd

4 Okahu St

1-202 Kepa Rd

15 Claude Rd

66 Victoria Ave

2D 705 Remuera Rd

9A Cathedral Pl

5-97 Wheturangi Rd

42 Norana Ave


147 Paritai Drive

1 Mahoe Ave

27 Upland Rd

11 Dover Pl

2 Rotomahana Tce

19 Warrington Rd

5-82 Bassett Rd

14 Ohinerau St

27 Ripon Cres

3-5 Woodville Rd

1G Findlay St

51-519 Remuera Rd

S1-519 Remuera Rd

21 Piccadilly Pl

38 Innisfree Dr

29 Innisfree Dr


10 Wapiti Ave

139 Shore Rd


66 Victoria Ave

30 Seascape Rd

28 Komaru St

91 Lucerne Rd

99 Orakei Rd

10 Wapiti Ave

Unit F 137-141 Paritai Drive

28 Komaru St

196 Remuera Rd

8 Ranui Rd

2 Pere St

2E 137-141 Paritai Dr

4C 137-141 Paritai Dr

1 Stirling St

27 Rautara St

29C Ngake St

7 & 9 Rautara St

5 137-141 Paritai Drive

1-103 Orakei Rd


126A Bassett Rd

62 Portland Rd

77A Ngapuhi Rd

6A 137-141 Paritai

4 Kowhatu Rd

151B St Heliers Bay Rd

46 Melanesia Rd

3-327 Kohimarama Rd

239 Kepa Rd

42 Koraha St

49 Fern Glen Rd Sth


46 Mainston Rd

38A Pukeora Ave

1 Crown Lane

134 Ngapuhi Rd

46 Combes Rd

681A Remuera Rd

514D Manukau Rd

109B Aotea St

14 Meyrick Place

9 Glenbrook St

31 Shore Road

1-304 Victoria Ave

2-259 Victoria Ave

76J Lucerne Rd

6/19 Ballarat St

1/20 Claude Rd

2-48 Gowing Drive

25 Shera Rd

1-36 Ranui Rd


113 Ngapuhi Rd

3-9 Glenbrook St

312 Victoria Ave

49 Combes Rd

194 Orakei Rd

1-131 Ngapuhi Rd

22 Gladwin Rd

85 Namata Rd

2-14 Alberon St

15 Dempsey St

15B Parkside St

265 Victoria Ave


14B Haast St

313A Riddell Rd

4 Ormonde Rd

65 Lingarth St

18 Maungarei Rd

3 Cheverton Pl

109B Aotea Street

30B Spencer Street

1-195 Tamaki Drive

20 Sage Road

366A Riddell Rd

3A Tahora Ave

17 Ngaiwi St

5 Cheverton Pl


38 Vista Cres

5C Glenbrook St

9 Rutherford Tce

1F/1 Furneaux Way

2F 1 Furneaux Way

49 Rutherford Tce

6A Taurarua Tce

30 Takitimu St

3-15 Ascot Ave

294 Victoria Ave

42B Edmund St

4 Kowhatu Rd

85 Russell Rd

6 Marei Rd

69 Hamlin Rd

87 Tiri Rd

134A Gowing Drive


9 Burwood Cres

2-19 Oakmont Place

7-36 Eaglehurst Rd

9 Burwood Cres

8-26 Eaglehurst Rd

95B Maskell St

6 Meyrick Place

5E Inkerman St

26 Crocus Pl

2 Shipherds Close

17 Cleary Rd

46 Epsom Ave

1B Olsen Ave

3-50 Rutland Rd

2-111 Maskell Street

42 Ranui Road


8 Target Street

10-83 Moana Ave

39 Entrican Ave

48 Rutherford Tce

30 Avalon Court

43 Amaru Rd

5 Crown Lane

2-33 Ngaiwi St

294 Victoria Ave

96A Luke St East

35C Paunui St

38A Ranui Rd

219B Princes St East


160 Waipuna Rd East

82 Bell Rd

154 Waipuna Rd East

2E-446 Remuera Rd

28A Ngake St

21 Temple St

134A Gowing Drive

1-197 Don Buck Rd

1 Pakuranga Rd


Graeme Miller

M 021 688 470

T 09 215 4020

Client Testimonials

  • To Josh and Graeme, thank you for working with us to market and sell our much loved family home.
    With your positive approach and hard work the end result was at the top end of our expectations. All this achieved through great teamwork, patience and honesty.

    216 Vipond Road

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