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Bryce Holmes

Blessed with more energy and drive than most, Bryce Holmes has twice represented New Zealand at World Championship level.

Investing that level of commitment and determination into Real Estate, he was guaranteed to succeed. What has followed is an enviable track record across the two genres of real estate, both commercial and residential, with Colliers International and Unlimited Potential respectively.

Straight forward and open Bryce makes enduring connections with vendors and buyers alike.  His drive to ‘push harder’ that exists in his private sporting life makes him a balanced businessman and consummate professional.

Backed by an incredible in house high tech, highly skilled design team, reactions to market force and change can be actioned immediately making any campaign fluid. The combination of talent across the whole of UP is unmatched and unbeatable.

Doing it right is just what Bryce does best. Producing happy vendors is his goal. You can be assured everything that can be managed to drive the market to your property is well considered and promptly actioned.


Bryce Holmes

M 021 908 293

T 09 529 1403

Client Testimonials

  • Bryce Holmes approached me during the boiling hot Auckland property market of 2016, as he was aware that I'd been wondering about selling for some time but didn't want to go through the disruptive process of advertising and open homes. Bryce demonstrated a straightforward, clear and honest handling of the resulting sale process, and I was pleased with his communication and the final result. This included substantial timing flexibility on the part of the purchaser and myself. I recommend Bryce as a real estate agent, as he listens to vendor requests, avoiding the hard sell nonsense and high pressure so often seen with others. Measured and vendor-service-orientated rather than self-serving puffery.

    Damian Pethica Remuera

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